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My name is Zoltán Garamvölgyi, I am the director and owner of the company.

The company deals with accounting and payroll management for small and medium size enterprises including the tax advising and general organizational and business consulting. We have sixteen employees, four of them with college degree, the others experienced accountants. As to myself, I have a university degree in business sciences and am a chartered tax adviser (reg.no. AT-9377). In addition I have post-gradual degree in controlling.

The company works for the following clients as reference:

- as to business consulting and payroll management:

- as to actual accounting and payroll management:

just to mention mainly the joint ventures. From the list you can see, that we have experience in working with dual reporting systems, satisfying both the Hungarian statutory and the foreign management requirements. The accounting software is developed by ourselves, it allows reporting in two languages the BALANCE and P/L STATEMENT and even the TRIAL BALANCE as well.




  1. Base price in case of quarterly reporting : 30.000 HUF / month
  2. Base price in case of monthly reporting : 40.000 HUF / month
  3. Cost center – profit center accounting : 10.000 HUF / month
  4. The base price includes 1000 booking entries processed with the software KARTON 1,2,3,… and all the information outputs provided by the software (trial balance, customers’ and suppliers’ balance, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cost center matrix, all in Hungarian and English , and detailed printout of the ledger accounts) and the printout of all the entries and accounts after finishing the year. For staring companies we charge 50% of the above charge before the start of the actual operation.
  5. All the subsequent 1000 booking entries / year are charged by
  6. 20.000 HUF / month, in case of monthly accounting

    10.000 HUF / month , in case of quarterly accounting.

    The discount from the above prices is 30% in case of data entry by the client into our software, installed in the office of the client.

  7. The prices in points 1-5 are valid if the accounting work is performed in our office. If the client requires our services in their own premises, the personal price is calculated on the basis of point 12.
  8. The second and more complete printout of all the booking entries and accounts are charged by 2000 HUF for each 1000 booking entries.
  9. The expected number of booking entries is based on the previous years data, or – in case of new client – on a preliminary calculation. If the actual number of entries is different from the expected we have the right to increase our price (or obligation to decrease it) only in case, when the actual figures are different by minimum two categories.
  10. (Example: if a client paid the base price for the expected number of booking entries 800, and the actual figure will be between 1000 and 2000, the price remains the same, only the basis of the calculation for the subsequent year will be the actual figure. If the number of the entries is between 2000 and 3000, then we initiate the change of the price, but charge the new price only after reaching agreement with the client.)

  11. The annual report (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, notes on the report) and the different tax returns are charged by one month fee.
  12. If the number of booking entries is very low (say 2-300 /year) then the base price can be reduced by 30%.
  13. The price of payroll management is 3.000 HUF/person/month for small enterprises.
  14. The basic consulting and organizational work, connected with the proper accounting is included in the prices, listed above. If the client requires additional consulting in their own premises, then the prices will be:
  15. - in my case (director’s level) regular 40.000 HUF / 1 hour each week of the month for 42 weeks of the year with a substitution and of 10 weeks by a senior adviser

    occasional 20.000 HUF / hour

    - in case of senior adviser regular 20.000 HUF / 1 hour each week of the month

    occasional 10.000 HUF / hour.

  16. All the prices are net prices and subject to 25% VAT.
  17. Payment conditions:

The payment deadline is 8 working days after the date of performance (delivery) indicated on the issued invoice.




  1. The number of booking entries much depends on the petty cash administration. If the similar cost items are combined or the weekly or monthly report of cash sales is reliable, then the number of booking entries can be reduced substantially.
  2. The above prices are valid for 2003 - 2004 years.
  3. We have a professional liability insurance policy with PROVIDENCIA. Because of our increasing turnover we have lifted the value of the policy up to 10 Million HUF but since the 1990th starting of our activity we have not had any liability case.

Budapest, 7th January, 2003.