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Attention, please!!!! On 15th July, 2016. we moved to a new office, our new address is: H-1055 BUDAPEST, Szent Istvan krt.1. 4th floor No.6. (doorbell: 70). We are available by e-mail , by mobile phones : +36-20-464-0508 , +36-30-222-8964 and +36-70-940-6695. In addition we have a new phone line as well: +36-1-619-9209.


Our company deals with accounting and the connected consulting services in tax and social insurance. We work with our own software, it is available for a modest monthly subscription fee. We want to attract your attantion with the following pages:

If we got your attantion, do not hesitate contacting us. Being our client you can enjoy the full menu of our services.

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Zoltán Garamvölgyi

Debit & Credit Financial and Business Consulting Ltd.
Address: H-1055. Budapest, Szent Istvan korut 1. 4th floor 6.
Phone: +36-20-464-0508, +36-30-222-8964, +36-70-940-6695 and +36-1-619-9209
Email: garam@debit.hu